Multipurpose Wire Dishwashing Rags
Multipurpose Wire Dishwashing Rags
Multipurpose Wire Dishwashing Rags
Multipurpose Wire Dishwashing Rags

Multipurpose Wire Dishwashing Rags

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A Wire Dishwashing Rag like you've never seen before.😍 

It effortlessly removes stubborn stains from dishes, pots, grills, stoves, etc. without scratching any surface.


  • POWERFUL CLEANING EFFECT:It uses advanced diamond-shaped lattice weaving technology and high-quality metal wire material, making it easy to remove rust, oil stains, stubborn mold, etc. Not hurt the pot and hand. It's a good helper in your kitchen.

  • WET AND DRY USE:The fine-hole design makes it very foamy. You can wet it and use it to clean tableware, pots, etc. efficiently, or you can use it directly to clean grills, stoves, etc.

  • ABSORBENT & QUICK DRY:Thanks to the design of its fish-scale lattice fabric surface, it can absorb moisture instantly. And it dries quickly and is easy to clean.

  • SMALL BODY AND BIG USE:After use, it can hang on the wall, save kitchen space, and is easy to drain. It can go deep inside the container and wash the dirt easily, even if a Small bottle mouth can also be easily cleaned.
  • EASY TO CLEAN & WILL LAST FOR YEARS:The Wire Dishwashing Rag can be rinsed directly with water. It's built to be used over and over without deteriorating or losing effectiveness.

  • WIDELY USED:All-purpose Wire Dishwashing Rag is durable and reusable and can be used to wipe kitchenware, cars, electronics, glasses, jewelry, stainless steel, home appliances, furniture, etc. Its efficient performance will make it just what your kitchen needs.


  • Size: 20 x 20 cm (7.87 x 7.87 inches)

  • Colors: Silver

  • Material: Metal


  • 3/5/10/20/30* Multipurpose Wire Dishwashing Rags for Wet and Dry